Bölümümüzde yapılan deneyler

Bölümümüzde yapılan deneyler ve Eğitim-Öğretime Yönelik Laboratuar Malzemeleri

Bölümümüz eğitim öğretim Laboratuarları yönünden oldukça iyi durumdadır. Öğrencilerimiz bölümümüzden mezun oluncaya kadar 120’nin üzerinde deney yapabilmektedir. Bu sayı her geçen gün daha da artmaktadır. Kısaca öğrencilerimiz temel fizik kanunlarını deneysel olarak da gözlemleme imkanına sahiptirler. Ayrıca bu Laboratuarlarda öğrencilerimiz tasarım becerilerini, el becerilerini geliştirmenin yanı sıra rapor yazma, hata hesapları gibi konularda da becerilerini arttırmaktadırlar.

Bölümümüzde yapılan tüm deneylerin listesi

Vector Addition


Adding Forces-Resultants and Equilibrants and Resolving Forces –Components


Equilibrium of Phys. Bodies and the Principles of Torques and Center of Masss


Velocity and Acceleration


Freely Falling Object


Speed of Projectile


Acceleration of Laboratory Cart (Newton’s Second Law)


The Inclined Plane and Sliding Friction


The Conservation of Energy


Collisions (Conservation of Momentum)


Energy of an Inclined Plane




Determining The Specific Heat Of Solids


Determining The Specific Latent Heat Of Ice


Determining The Specific Vaporization Heat Of Water


Thermal Expansion Of Solid Bodies


Determining The Volumetric Expansion Coefficient Of Liquids


Boyle-Mariotte’s law


Vapor Pressure Of Water At High Temperature


Uses of Common Electric Laboratory Instruments


Coulomb Balance


Electric Field


Ohm’s Law


Measurement of Resistance and Resistivity by the Wheatstone-Bridge Circuit Method


Effect of Temperature on Resistance


RC Circuit


Magnetic Field


Electromagnetic Induction


Principle of Generators and Motors


Series-Alternating Current RC Series Circuit


Ray Optics - Reflection Of Light


Ray Optics - Refraction Of Light


Thin Lenses: Image Formation By Thin Lenses


Mirrors: Image Formation By Spherical Mirrors


Experiment To Determine The Refractive Index And Dispersion Of Glass


Physical Optics: Interference And Diffraction Of Light


Diffraction Grating (Transmission Type)


Michelson Interferometer I


Michelson Interferometer II: Experiment To Determine Wavelength


Coarse Diffraction Grating At Grazing Incidence


Common Laboratory Instruments


Components Identification of Resistors


Simple Resistive Networks


Kirchhoff’s Laws


Wheatstone-Bridge Circuit


Mesh and Nodal Analysis


Y-D and D-Y Conversions


Superposition Theorem


Thevenin’s and Norton’s Theorem


Reciprocity; Millman’s and Maximum Power Theorems


Series and Parallel Capacitors


Transient Phases of RC Circuits


The Cathode-Ray Oscilloscope


The Ratio of Charge to Mass (e/m) for an


Photoelectric Effect


Electron Diffraction


The Wave Behaviour of Light: Int. and Diff.


Uncertainty Principle


The Atomic Spectra


The Semiconductor Diode Characteristics


Application Of Diodes: Clippers I - Series Clippers


Application Of Diodes: Clippers II - Parallel Clippers


Application Of Diodes: Clampers I - Simple Clampers


Application Of Diodes: Clampers II - Biased Clampers


Diode Characteristics: Rectification I


Diode Characteristics: Rectification II


Zener Diode And Its Applications


Characteristics And Applications Of BJTs (Transistors) I


Characteristics And Applications Of BJTs (Transistors) II


Introduction to Lab Equipments, Electronics Workbench   and Diode-Transistor Checker


Time Depending Light


Astable Multivibrator-Metronome


Simple Voltage Regulator


Two-beam interference of water waves


Refraction of water waves


Torsional Pendulum


Generating standing waves in front of a reflecting barrier


Beating of ultrasonic waves


Speed of sound


Diffraction of water waves


Reflection of Planar Ultrasonic Waves at a plane Surface


Interference with Ultrasonic Waves


Simple Harmonic Motion


Propagation Of Waves


Acoustic beat


Linear and Circular Polarization (Microwave Apparatus)


Doppler Effect with Ultrasonic Waves


Reflection of water waves


Standing waves (Microwave Apparatus)


Wave Machine (Reflection of Waves)


Coupled Oscillations


Wave Machine (Refraction of Waves)


Simple Harmonic Motion


Laboratuvary Equipment


Photosensitive Transducer and their Application


Hall Effect


Geiger Müller Detector


Investigation of the Velocity of Sound in Different Media


Ultrasonic Testing of Material


Strain Gauge


Boyle Mariotte Law






Basic Logic Gates


Boolean Algebra and Simplification of Logic Equation


DeMorgan’s Theorem


Exclusive-OR and Eclusive-NOR gates


Half-Adder and Half-Subtractor


Binary Comparators


Parity Generators and Checkers


Full-Adder and Full-Subtractor


Code Converters


Decoders and Encoders


Multiplexers and Demultiplexers




Solar Collector


Millican Oil Drop


Black Body Radiation


Stefan Boltzman


Speed of Light


Heat Conduction coefficient


Heat and Mechanical Energy


Thermo-Electric Convertor


Heat Efficiency


Specific Heat of Metals


Ideal Gas equatiopn experiment


Joule_Thomsons Equation


Boyles Law


Critical Potential Tube


Acousto-Optic Modulator


Force Table


Discharge Tube


Resonance Tube




Torsional Pendulum


Ultrasound test equipment set


Measurements of surface roughness by eddy current method


Coating thickness measurement


Renewable energy experiment sets: Solar cell car, hydro-wind energy, solar collector, solar hydrogen energy set, bio energy set


Horizon software kit


Wandegraf Generator




Ray Optics System


Lens Plus Set


"Visible Ray" Optics Set


Basic Optics Light Source


Ray Optics Kit


Introductory Optics System


Double Concave Lens (-22mm)


Double Convex Lens (+18mm)


Component Carrier - Advanced Optics


Electroformed Diffraction Slits (Complete Slit Set)


Diode Laser - Intro. Optics


Slit Accessory - Intro. Optics


Introductory Michelson Interferometer


Low-Pressure Sodium Light Source


Replacement Lamp - Sodium Light Source


Spectral Tube Power Supply and Mount


Spectral Tube (Mercury)


Green Laser Pointer


Red Laser Pointer


Color Filters (set of 7)


Diffraction Gratings (set of 4)






Data Logger

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