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 The mission of the Department of Engineering Physics, Engineering Physics students have in-depth knowledge and skills in physical systems, easily understood, analytical thinking, research, design and problem-solving ability improved, the community, to provide environmentally friendly to grow as individuals.The concept of modern physics, engineering physics, engineering or engineering problems with new technological advances in the knowledge that students keep up with the target application. necmeddin hocam
Department is constantly renewing the training program positively impact our country and the country for the benefit of industry, science and technology mission is to educate students that have knowledge of and prone to postgraduate studies.  Taking into account national and regional needs of our country at the graduate level engineers to have sufficient knowledge and experience and academic merit and giving importance to the success, innovation and ethical duty to educate scholars who care counts.   Another important mission of our department is to give our students advanced university-level course in introductory physics.
 Department of Physics Engineering education, research and other services in an effort to capture the highest possible standards in all aspects and in the effort. In harmony with other parts of the university, students in other departments will continue the mission of high-quality teaching. Acquired as a result of research projects conducted by students and academicians, and the products and publications, and an important contribution to the promotion of industry, university and we believe it is the international platform.